Facebook Search is here

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I wrote about this a few months back, but as of today it’s (sort of) live – Facebook Graph Search is now in limited Beta testing: https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch

So what’s the big deal? This is search customized on the Facebook graph so instead of searching for widgets, news, photos, etc and getting a list of everything on the net; you can search for widgets, news, photos, etc that your friends have uploaded, shared, or “Liked.”

The upshot? Flat earthers, creationists, and climate-change deniers never again need to be worried about pesky science articles showing up in their search results and uninformed people of all stripes can now rest safely inside their own little echo chambers.  That’s probably a Bad Thing.  It’s also suddenly a hell of a lot easier to find the information that your friends have shared with you but you might have missed or forgotten about. Assuming that you place some value on that content this is a Good Thing.  It’s anyone’s guess whether the good will outweigh the bad but it makes me a bit uneasy.

This is either the single biggest innovation in Search technology since Google or it’s a sign of the end times. Or possibly both. Either way it’s big news for anyone who works with SEO, Social, or internet marketing of any kind.

Data is King

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Back when I was in college studying Political Science I spent a lot of time (or at least a lot more then I expected going into the program) studying statistics and data.  In retrospect that was a good thing.  Knowing how to get reliable data from focus groups, how to write a survey and avoid bias in my questions,  and how to accurately analyze the bulk data resulting from that survey have all turned out to be very valuable in my work managing user communities.  I’ve found myself thinking about data even more then usual in the last month as I went through the interview process and started my new position at Kontagent. Continue reading