The Race Game

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This is one of those things that’s been rattling around in my head for years – why is it that video game manufacturer’s – especially makers of MMO’s – are so enamored with using “race” as a defining criteria for their character creation?  Species makes sense in many fantasy and SciFi settings, so does faction, but race seems so … outmoded.

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Socializing your SEO

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Socializing your SEO

I have written here before about the interactions between SEO and Social Media, and it’s a topic I expect to write quite a bit more on over the next several years.  At root, both SEO and Social Marketing are designed to do the same thing – get people to your website, promote your products and services, and make your brand more visible.  The difference is how they accomplish these goals.   Continue reading

Are you driving like a Jerk?

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A quick quiz:

  1. Do you consistently tailgate people and use your brights to blind and intimidate them to force them out of your way?
  2. Do you change lanes without signalling and make a habit of cutting people off in traffic?
  3. Have you ever crushed and mangled a motorcyclist by swerving into him or her or turning left across their lane without warning?  Are you likely to do so in the future?
  4. Do you consistently drive slower then the flow of traffic and insist on doing so in the fast lane?
  5. Do you pace yourself to match the speed of the car to your right so the two of you form an impenetrable wall that no one can get past?
  6. Do you open your car door while parked on the side of the street without checking for oncoming bicyclists or motorcyclists who could be killed or seriously injured by having a door open right in front of them with no time to stop?
  7. Do you pull out into the intersection just as the light is turning red so that you end up sitting there blocking traffic in the other direction when it’s their turn to go?  Are you utterly incapable of understanding that your myopic selfishness is what creates traffic jams and turns downtown into a parking lot every day?
  8. Do your fellow drivers constantly flip you off, shout obscenities at you, and swear vengeance upon you and all your progeny for seven generations?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions you’re driving like a Jerk!  Do the world a favor and buy a bus pass, you clearly don’t belong behind the wheel of a car.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from the Coalition of People who Hate You (CPHY).

Think of something else that should be included in the quiz?  Post it in the comments!

*Update: It looks like I’m not the only one who feels this way.   Too bad their decals are too big to fit on my motorcycle…


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The Spyder is the first vehicle I’ve ever owned that’s worth putting in the time (and money) to customize and I’ve been having fun with it.

Tweaks so far:

  • Added corbin seat.
  • switched runner lights & front turn signals to led.
  • added led lights on top, side, and rear of front wheel wells to increase visibility.
  • added fog lights.
  • added red led’s under the body panels that shine out through heat vents at night.
  • added auxiliary turn signals (red led’s) inside the rear wheel well and on each side to make me more visible from behind when changing lanes.

I’ve got a couple more tweaks i want to make  (debating adding an aftermarket muffler and thinking about adding some custom paint or decals) but i’m getting close to where I want it!

day time


vespertine circus

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So sunday night the lady and I were getting ready to go out to a movie when my friend lara called and asked if we wanted to go to the circus instead.

Now what kind of a question is that?  And how could we say no?

The circus in question was Vespertine Circus, doing a special show at the Vagabond Ballroom in Oakland.  The show was a little short and at $25 for last-minute tickets a little steep (would have been $15 if we’d known to get them in advance, oh well), but the performers were great.  Juggling, acrobatics, comedy, and clowns!  Vespertine is a small troupe but they’re very talented and the show was a lot of fun.  Apparently they’re getting ready to head up north on tour so if you’re in seattle or any of the other locales on their itinerary you should check them out.

But do yourself a favor and buy the tickets in advance 🙂

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John Jordan is an absolutely amazing artisan and I’ve been a fan of his work for a long time.  So you can imagine how excited I was when he agreed to barter a new website and a custom facebook app for one of his gorgeous instruments.  After going back and forth quite a bit we settled on a very simple text-based site that uses the new html5 contextual tags but will look good and load quickly whether you’re on a new high end desktop, a mobile device, or a dial up modem out in eastern Europe.  Designing and developing with those sorts of constraints is an interesting exercise because it means you can’t use most of the new responsive design techniques that have taken the web by storm in the last few years and instead have to just present the content in a compelling way without a lot of frill.

I ended up spending as much time re-organizing the site to avoid duplicate content (something Google penalizes heavily) so for instance instead of having Dealer information listed on every instrument page tall of that is consolidated into a single page on the dealers who carry his stuff.

I’m very happy to announce that the first (public) version of the new site is live.  Check it out!